We are Wisconsin Window Tinting

Wisconsin Window Tinting Offers High Quality Window Film products installed by the best, industry-certified pros.

Who We Are



Wisconsin Window Tinting was born from the desire to bring our customers the very best Window Tinting, Decorative Glass Film and Safety & Security Films and installation services for their vehicles, homes and commercial spaces. We have been serving the greater Northeast Wisconsin area since 1994 and you can count on us to deliver nothing but the highest quality, premier products installed by industry-certified and international award winning professionals. We look forward to speaking to you further about your tinting and window film needs. As always, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

Our Vision

Create awareness and educate consumers on the benefits of window film for your home, commercial space, or auto.


Using the most advanced meters and measuring equipment for your glass we can recommend the very best window film for your needs.

Tinting Products

Instead of only offering a single series, we offer a full line of manufacturer films to provide for all types of specific needs and budgets.

Quality Service

We strive to not only be prompt, polite, and courteous but to treat your home, auto or commercial space as if it was our own. We are licensed and fully insured for complete peace of mind.

Tinting Steps

1The installation process starts with the dealer thoroughly cleaning your windows to remove even the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut roughly to the size of your window, its release liner is removed, and an application solution is sprayed on the film’s adhesive to activate it. The application solution is also sprayed on the window.

2The film is then installed on the glass, and the installer squeegees all the application solution out from between the glass and film. The installer will also do some final edge trimming to ensure the film fits perfectly and precisely on the glass.

3When the installer squeegees out the application solution during installation, it is nearly impossible to get every drop of solution out. Thus there is a drying time (cure time) for the film, during which the remaining application solution between the film and glass evaporates. During this time, the film is still performing to its full solar control and safety capabilities.